Our interactive lessons created to make Chinese learning easy and understandable. It gives you a possibility to hear pronunciation from native speakers, check characters stroke order and check your own pronunciation with a help of speech recognition system


We want to help you start your journey to Chinese language and culture in the most interesting and effective way


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  • Full access to our games where you can practice previously learned words
  • A chance to see all cartoons from our Sun Wu Kong Chinese learning guide
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PRONUNCIATION is the most important and the most difficult part of Chinese language.

Our speech recognition system will help you to define whether your pronunciation is correct or needs more practice

INTERACTIVE LESSONS and CARTOONS are created to help you understand how sentences are created.

Every lesson will help you to feel yourself more confident in your language progress and learn commonly used phrases.

You will get a part of a STORY in COMICS as an achievement of each completed lesson.

THEMED VOCABULARY will enrich your vocabulary as well as check your pronunciation in every topic you need at the moment.

GAMES are the learning tools to practice your vocabulary as well as your pronunciation. You can gain points and increase your rank.